Pecadero Arts And Fun Festival


Interview With Paffy, The Dancing Cow!!

Interviewer: Today we bring to you, an interview with Paffy the dancing cow, the local expert on The Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival, Coming up the 20th & 21st of August, 2005.

So Paffy what is this festival all about?

Paffy: Well, Doug, The Festival is my kind of a "Good Old Fashioned, Small Town Get Together. We put it on to raise money for the local kids. We have great Crafts for sale, Delight!!!!!ful!!! food, a creative kids area, a display by our local talented artists, and awesome!!!! Entertainment!!!

Interviewer: Kids area? I suppose I’ll be dishing out a lot of change, for the paid activities.

Paffy: Only one or two inexpensive things, the rest are all free, At the kids area you will find....

Free Comedy, juggling, magic and puppet shows, 1pm both days, on the kid's stage.
Inspire the engineer in you with the Community "K'nex" build,
Fun craft projects
Face-painting and henna tatoos

And don’t forget to visit, Paffy's 'take-a-part' table, where kids can take apart all sorts of electronic household appliances, in a power free environment. We even supply the tools.

Interviewer: I hear you have LIVE bands, who’s going to be playing.

Paffy: We will be enjoying all sorts of Mooooood music and great old fashioned rock & roll, with: The Gary Gates Band (coastside rock & roll), Classic down-home American fiddle music from the Boss Tim & the Laylows, The Pescadero Minstrels, Mariachi Bands, Modern Rock with Dave Walker, And many other Jazz /folk and country artists

Interviewer: So what other kinds of entertainment will there be?

Paffy: We will also have A special appearance by: The White Hawk Aztec dancers from Watsonville. (We have several local dancers in the troupe), and my personal favorite, is the "Eclectic" fashion extravaganza, as our local lovelies’ strut their stuff in classic ensembles donated by the Pescadero Thrift Store.

There will also be a special bovine guest appearance. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Interviewer: What sort of culinary delights can we expect.

Paffy: Well it wouldn’t be Pescadero with out "fried artichoke hearts", Being a vegetarian myself I probably shouldn’t mention that there will be succulent barbecued specialties for you evil meat eating carnivores, and you KNOW who you are. And did I mention the handrolled in Pescadero tamales. Umm, tasty!!

I personally prefer the exotic grilled Portebella Mushroom sandwiches, veggie burgers.

Interviewer: Now there will be some shopping opportunities, won’t there?

Paffy: Of Course, All sorts of fun things. There is Jewelery of every persuasion, Exotic Egyptian goods, tropical batik clothing, handmade wooden toys and lots of custom pottery. All handcrafted just for you. And then for the connoisseurs of fine art there is the show of our very talented local artists.

Interviewer: So how do I get there?

Paffy: The Festival takes place at the IDES grounds on stage road, just down the street from the Post Office. Always on the 3rd weekend in August, this year that lands on the 20th & 21st. Times are 10AM to 6PM both days. The admission is free. Please leave your pets at home, where they will be safe.